Is There iMovie For PC?

An Affordable Editing Solution For PC Users

iMovie for the Mac

Apple’s iMovie is a very popular editing application for video hobbyists of all types.  Millions of people use iMovie every day to create everything from home movies to school and business videos.

iMovie interface

While iMovie isn’t as full featured as Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro on the Mac, if you’re thinking about starting to edit video on the Mac, you should definitely take a look at iMovie.  There are several iMovie tutorials available on the web and it’s easy to get started. 

But, there are also several options for editing video on the PC that may work as well or better than iMovie for your needs.  We highlight one you might consider below.

iMovie for PC

If you are looking for iMovie for PC, you should first think about what sort of videos you will be creating and if iMovie is even the best video editing program for creating your videos.

Also, Apple does not currently make a version of iMovie that works on the PC.  They never have and they probably never will.  Really your only choice, if you absolutely have to use that piece of software, is to purchase a Mac.

While iMovie for PC would make a lot of PC users happy, it’s just not in Apple’s interest to make it run on the PC.

What is the best software similar to iMovie for PC?

Okay, so maybe you’re perfectly happy with your PC and you don’t want to spend the money for a new Mac just to get iMovie. We get that!  And luckily we’ve found an editing system for the PC that is full-featured, very affordable, and from a company with years of editing software experience.

We really like this software and can’t believe how much it does for less than 130 bucks!  With this software you get a straight-forward timeline editor with text and graphics overlays, templates, 3D transitions and SO much more.

editing interface

In our opinion it may be even EASIER to use than iMovie for a lot of people.  We’ve been doing video editing for about 20 years now and are amazed by the power in this package and how EASY it is to use, even for beginners! 

So what is this software that we consider iMovie for PC?  This is it:



Check out the demo

Watch this video for a quick overview

Once you’ve decided to try the software and have installed it on your PC, you may want to look at some of the free video tutorials that are available.  These video tutorials will help you get up to speed quickly and then learn techniques beyond the basics.

It may not be iMovie for PC, but we think it’s one of the best editing packages for the casual user at a very affordable price.

There are three different versions of the software available at different prices but we recommend the $130 Premium version.  It's an amazing value!

You don't really need the full Premium version when you're just starting out, but as you get better you're simply going to LOVE playing with the effects that come with the software.