How to Get iMovie on Windows PC – 2018 Guide

Apple’s iMovie for Windows: Here’s All You Need To Know

iMovie for Windows: iMovie is an open-source video editing software by Apple, and has lots of great things that people just can’t stop raving about. Video editing is a delight here, owing to the widest range of themes, colors and template options, which isn’t found anywhere else. Apple users love it. Android users want it. And, Windows users are dreaming about having it. And, why not? Who doesn’t wish to have an amazing application that gives them such a good deal of exciting things?

We’re out with this post to let Windows users know whether they can download iMovie for PC or not. Here, we will be explaining the meaning and benefits of iMovie, and also what you can do to have iMovie for Windows.

iMovie – Introduction

iMovie, touted as one of the best-worked video editing software, belongs to Apple, the name that needs no introduction, as to how innovative it can be when it comes to delivering the ‘desirable’. The application is a favorite to those who seek clean, quality edits with lots of functionalities and maximized ease.

As far as its utility is concerned, iMovie is sure to impress you in terms of customization, variety and user-friendliness. The application comes with a dashboard of multiple settings, such as color correction and video enhancements, a long library of templates and a whole suite of sharing options, and that’s the reason it has a far greater fandom than any of its contemporaries in the market. The application also enables users to edit 2D and 3D videos on the timeline.

iMovie is successful for a reason. How can anyone ignore what excellent options with regard to merging and cropping of videos it has? And, of course, its free availability is one thing that generates a good pull around it.

iMovie Features

  • iMovie’s dashboard has a cool bouquet of features that stirs your creative juices. The application has scores of titles, music, effects and themes to jack up your plain videos to something pleasurable to watch. Lest we forget, there’s also an online tutorial which guides you on how to use it, and is indeed a fringe advantage.
  • iMovie has a well-customized file transferring mechanism, and this is one attribute that’s speaks volumes about its user-friendliness. Using FireWire, users can transfer files, from one location to another, in a jiffy. However, a USB port is the thing you need to initiate such transfers.
  • iMovie is one amazing thing, for its superior capabilities of editing and sharing 4K videos like some unreal deal. Plus, there’re so many great templates and filters, such as Chroma, Denoise, Key, that instantly take the visual quality of videos to a whole new level.
  • iMovie is a smart application, built to complement all models of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. So, no matter what device you are using, this application will run absolutely the way you expect it, with no jerks and fuss at all.
  • Share and let the world see how you do that fun business. iMovie comes with a wide range of sharing options that allows users to document their lives in one push of a key.
  • Not only does iMovie allow you to create videos in any format, but also provides the most versatile play out system that can play any video in any given format. Designers, who have used iMovie, are full of praise for iMovie, for the kind of comfort and competence it comes with.
  • Users can directly burn their video picks into a CD/DVD.

Is There iMovie For Windows? Your Answer Is Here!

iMovie is one of the most productive deliverables from Apple, but there’s still no ideal way to get it straight on a Windows device.

However, if you are looking to hack out a way to download iMovie for Windows, emulators like iPadian are available in the markets that will make it a smooth ride for you.

Steps to Download iMovie for Windows using iPadian Emulator are as follows:

  • Now, install it;
  • When the installation ends, your PC will look like an iDevice, or MAC, to be more specific.
  • Search iMovie by entering it in the search box;
  • Once you find the right app, hit the download option and wait for the download process to end;
  • As the last step, go to the downloads folder of your device and open the application;
  • Congratulations! You are through the process. Shoot the breeze, NOW!

Just in case, you are interested in taking up other options, there are a number of iMovie alternatives for windows, which work and feel the same. They’re Video Editor, Final Cut Pro, Magix Movie Edit Pro 18, iMotion HD and Movavi.

So, if not iMovie, you can download and install any of these video editing software, and have a swell time.

FAQs: iMovie for Windows PC

How to add images in iMovie?

To add the pictures to iMovie app, open the iMovie app

  • Then choose any of the iMovie project in which you will be adding pictures.
  • If iMovie project doesn’t exist, then create one. To create the project just move on “File” option and then on “New project”.
  • Now just tap on “Photos” button and this action will show you the specific images.
  • Next step is to choose the images that you want to add to iMovie.
  • After choosing the required image by highlighting it, just drag it to the clip editing window or timeline screen.
  • You can select multiple images and then release the button after moving towards the timeline screen.

What happen when imovie freezes?

  • At first reopen the iMovie. Then, an option will appear to movies files to clip pane, just select that particular option. It will generally moves to the clips pane right frm thee clips. Now just reconstruct your project by just dragging the required clips to the timeline window.
  • Update your OS and Required applications
  • Restart your Mac regularly.

What program is similar to iMovie for PC?

There are several programs similar to iMovie, thay are:

  • Filmora Video Editor
  • VirtualDub
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • VideoLAN Movie Creater

How to add sound effects or music to iMovie?

  • On the right side of the toolbar, you will see an option as “Music and sounds button”, just click on it. Another way to do so is to select Window and then to Music and Sound Effects.
  • By just selecting the amazing number of sources of your choices, you can have the best source.
  • No the next step is to drag the selected music or sound effects to the background of the project.

Also in case you want to trim the music, just move on to Edit option -> Trim music. Then after trimming, see the preview and atlast click on the done button.

End Notes

We are of the opinion that we’ve clearly explained to you the details about iMovie for PC. To know more about downloading and installing the apps, keep visiting us. We’re hoping to see you here again.

How to Get iMovie on Windows PC – 2018 Guide
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