iMovie Alternatives for Windows

Top 5 iMovie Alternatives for Windows you Should Definitely Try

iMovie is Apple’s creation, designed to edit, enhance and export videos, but, just as you know, only for iDevices.

It means, the application isn’t compatible to Windows devices, which is a serious let-down, we agree. Undoubtedly, it’s a strong product. And, a windows users, who can’t avail themselves of this application, feels the pinch.

Guess what! we have rounded up the best iMovie alternatives for Windows that work exactly like iMovie, and create good videos, if not any better.

So, let’s surf them down!

1. Fantashow

Featuring first on the list is Fantashow, an application with a great promise to dislodge iMovie as the market’s most sought-after video editing software. Having a potential range of video templates, the application adds texts, music and transitions to your videos, and brings out an output that’s a pure visual treat.

Fantashow is utterly simple and user-friendly application that allows you to create a video with just the right amount of enhancements. It works perfectly by not only improving the overall appeal of your videos, but also provides a neat mechanism to share them on all the prominent social media channels.

With a deal of filters and personalization options, Fantashow is all you need to create wonderful videos in no time.

2. Windows Movie Maker

Seconded by Fantashow as iMovie equivalent for Windows 10, Windows Movie Maker is superbly armed with a wide variety of visual effects and adjustments that will surely give a strong rush to your creative juices. The application is an ideal substitute for iMovie that allows users to edit and give a touch of class to pictures and videos from their PCs.

The ease of sharing the videos with a range of social media tools is an added bonus. Using Windows Movie Maker, you can easily relay your videos on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Windows Movie Maker empowers you to spruce up your videos by integrating sound tracks with them, and using themes to make them look engaging up a notch.

3. DVD Slideshow Builder

DVD Slideshow Builder is another video editing marvel that would make you forget about iMovie, very surely. The application has great abilities with respect to editing, enhancing and sharing as many pictures and videos as you want.

This software is immensely popular, so much so, that you are unlikely to give it a miss if you are an aspiring video editor, or has any plans to venture into the profession.

DVD Slideshow Builder suits your professional bucket list, and will do all the lifting for you. With over 480 movie styles and personalization features, you are totally spoilt for choice, as to how to theme the videos on which you can always cherish and count on.

The 3D and 2D transitions are a great plus that ensures your productivity hits the sweet spot on the timeline. Exporting the videos is also easy, as you can effortlessly transport videos to any of your preferable folders in multiple formats.

4. Light Works

As iMovie is confined to iDevices, choosing Light Works as your video editing software for Windows is a straight hit on the jackpot. It is an equally good application with an extensive suite of visual effects that makes your videos compelling and a pleasure to watch.

The software’s compatibility with all premium OS, such as Windows, Mac and Linux, is another reason to love this application with all what you have.

Light Works comes with features to carry out multicam editing, and beautifully proves up to the task. The application supports all broadcast platforms, including HD, SD and Red 4K, which is indeed a merit to mark.

5. Movavi Video Editor

In the absence of iMovie for Windows, Movavi Video Editor keeps you incredibly covered, by doing pretty much everything that the former is capable of.

Movavi Video Editor thrives for being a gap-filler to iMovie, specifically for Windows. Using this application, you can integrate shots, pictures, photos, music, and voiceovers to create an output that’s nothing short of marvellous. Plus, you have a spectrum of options to tweak your videos and make them highly intriguing.

You can import the media files, position them on timeline, synchronize the audio-video arrangement, and export your work anywhere.

However, Movavi’s interface is not as similar as to that of iMovie. So, you’re likely to consume some minutes to get the hang of its working.

End Notes

We hope, this piece has broadened your knowledge of programs that work quite similar to iMovie for windows PC. You can download them in no moment, and can feed your purpose.

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iMovie Alternatives for Windows
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